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We are Dash Digital. We have assisted thousands throughout the UK with specialist digital marketing services.

With marketing experts based in Marlow we can offer competitive prices and in July 2024 are able to get our marketing to you very quickly.

Digital marketing campaigns have become more complex than ever before, but we at Dash Digital aim to help our clients get the best online presence possible no matter their experience in marketing strategies.

Building up a digital marketing strategy from scratch in July 2024 is tough, especially if you have not had any training in the process.

Whether you are focusing on social media or want to draw foot traffic to your physical premises, get in touch with us to see what options are right for you.

We offer a number of great digital marketing services and are more than happy in assisting you with anything.

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digital marketing agency in Marlow

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Why Choose Us?

We are a team of professional digital marketing and brand awareness experts who have had experience in various digital marketing agencies in the past.

We have come together to form a digital marketing agency based on the client’s needs and requirements, no matter their end goals or target audiences.

If you are searching for top digital marketing agencies that can provide reliable digital marketing strategies and other major boosts to your overall business success, then take a look at what we offer and see if any of them applies to you.

Not familiar with digital marketing strategies and techniques? Then here are some things to consider if your business is in dire need of a better online marketing focus.

Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Agency

rank higher on google organic in Marlow

A digital marketing company like ours can have a whole range of different impacts on your business’s overall success, presence, influence, customer base and general public appearance. But what are these benefits?

A Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy defines how your business forms its online presence. With a digital marketing agency like us, you can get effective marketing solutions to problems that the average business owner does not realise are possible.

Our experts are very aware of how to use social media, online blogs and countless other tools to create a strong digital strategy, one that can push a small business far beyond its original reach.

More Sales

The better you market your business, the more customers you can draw in at once. If your small business needs a constant flow of sales to keep running, then getting more attention and paying customers can make it much easier to expand your product lines or services.

As a digital marketing agency, most of our work focuses on getting clients exactly what they need – often a careful balance of high traffic and a stable internet presence.


Not all visitors to your site will purchase products or services, but they are still valuable in a digital marketing context.

Presenting the right products at the right time might not lead to a sale, but it can keep your business spreading through word of mouth or capture customers that realise they need a product like yours in the future.

Our digital marketing services include a lot of techniques to get your business out there, standing out amongst similar sites all across the internet.


Ranking on search engines is one of the core digital strategies that site owners need to consider. Without an easy way to stumble across your business, customers will not arrive – but if you rank high enough on Google or a similar search engine, your pool of potential customers becomes much larger.

As a digital advertising agency, a big part of our focus lies on being able to put our client’s business where it belongs – on the search results pages, where customers can find the products that they have been looking for.

Website Design Improvements

Your website is the heart of any marketing strategy you might take on. It represents your business and acts as the core product that digital campaigns are trying to ‘sell’ – so improving it in the right ways can be the difference between no customers and hundreds of customers.

Our digital marketing agency is well aware of how important a client’s website can be and will be able to improve or tweak it in ways that draw new customers. However, we will never compromise our client’s design or vision unless it is causing active harm to your business’ image.

Costs Of A Digital Marketing Agency In Marlow

The average cost of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Marlow and Buckinghamshire is £450 to £750 per day. This price Is dependent on many factors such as:

There are many more things that factor into the cost of our services if you would like to know more get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote!

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What Can Dash Digital Do?

As a digital marketing agency with a lot of experience under our belt, we know how to build brand awareness and traffic for even the smallest businesses. But what does that actually mean in the grander scheme of things? Why is a good digital marketing strategy so important?

Search Engine Optimization In Marlow

SEO is all based on your ranking position on search engines: putting you in a place that allows new customers to find you through internet searches rather than paid ads or third-party referrals.

All businesses need some form of SEO to have a digital presence since it can be almost impossible to find a small company if they do not appear on search engines. We at Dash Digital are able to manage search engine rankings effectively, getting our clients to the right target market at the right time.

Organic Search Results In Marlow

When a customer searches for something, they get search results back. These results are based on relevancy, but it is possible to make your website appear higher in the ranking for certain terms.

Unlike paid advertising, SEO is not based on paying per click or paying for ad space: it is about having the right links and connections from other sites.

seo agency in Marlow


Our digital marketing agency is experienced at gathering links for SEO purposes – links from other sites that spread value and ranking power to your own website.

While the links have to be relevant and from reputable sites to avoid penalties, they are an incredibly powerful tool and something that matters a lot when working on boosting site rankings. Dash Digital have plenty of strategies that can make SEO services a lot simpler for everybody involved.


Sites need to be built in a way that lets users search for them. While having a phrase in your website’s text can help, proper web development allows metadata to draw in the right kind of customers and attract attention to certain pages.

Our digital agency has worked with websites countless times, and our understanding of hidden details like metadata and tags has allowed us to make major changes without impacting how a site looks or operates.

Web Design In Marlow

The general web design of your site can influence how it appears on a search engine but might also lead to it ranking higher or lower than expected. Simple things like page loading speed or title and text relevance can completely change how often that page appears in Google searches.

As an SEO agency, we have multiple staff members that understand the principles of effective web design and how it relates to your online influence, making it one of our core services for clients who need it.

Content Writing Services In Marlow

The content of your website is not just for customers to read but influences your digital presence. Bad content does not just create bad digital PR but can actively reduce how many new customers will find you.

A creative agency like ours is able to produce new, re-written content that hits certain key terms and nudges you higher in the rankings, as well as better fitting your business and providing greater value to the customers that stop to read it.

content marketing agency in Marlow

WordPress Development For Businesses In Marlow

If your business has a site on WordPress or has considered creating a blog for various different reasons, then proper development of the site can be a very useful tool for boosting your larger-scale organic search presence.

Just like web design, our digital marketing staff can tweak an existing site to work better with other marketing services or build you a completely new WordPress site to take advantage of more powerful online marketing techniques.

Paid Search Advertising For Small Businesses In Marlow

All digital agencies dabble in advertising in one way or another. Having a strategic plan for paid media ads can be difficult since advertisements can change as often as the market does. However, having well-paid marketing can be the core of the entire campaign.

Our digital marketing agency is not just an SEO agency – we can act as your marketing manager, aiming for the best possible presence across social media, search platforms and countless other websites. We also have experience with all kinds of advertising platforms, most notably Google Ads.

Performance Marketing Services

Performance marketing is a common type of paid search advertising, one where your company would only pay once ads are clicked on. This allows money to be saved on users who read the ad but did not click it or search up the site on their own.

Our marketing services can include as much performance marketing as needed, with a core focus on making sure that the ads get as many relevant clicks from potential customers as possible. We also aim to keep irrelevant clicks from draining your marketing budget.

App Marketing Services In Marlow

If your business has an app then marketing it properly, to get more downloads and paying users, can be an incredibly strong tactic. Not only does this increase your overall customer base, but it can also be a gateway for new customers to discover your business, products and services.

We at Dash Digital aim to create integrated campaigns that are not just focused on a single method of marketing. Your app is another avenue to get more attention and revenue, and we are fully capable of including it in our marketing strategies.

If you would like to receive even more information on digital marketing services, make sure you get in touch with us today!

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We Also Offer Display Advertising Marlow

Display ads are generally image ads that can appear on various sites across a network, such as Google’s network, to advertise directly to potential customers.

There are a lot of different options to take advantage of, all of which can be a key part of a specific digital strategy.

Our digital marketing agency can use display advertising to create unique, carefully tailored ads that focus on specific target markets and/or products, drawing the right kind of attention to the right places.

Shopping Advertising

Shopping ads make it easy to connect your products to Google’s shopping network, meaning that it might appear when both new and current customers search up a particular term or product name.

This can be simple, but the right ads made with the right keywords can completely dominate certain digital channels, making it easier to push popular products into new markets that can’t be reached with other advertising options.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube has grown constantly since it was originally created over a decade ago, and it has become a hub for advertising. As part of the Google network, it can be a very reliable source of gaining more attention, awareness and interested customers.

Just like Google advertising, our digital marketing services include YouTube work as well.

Many of the techniques that apply to one can be used on the other, making it easy for us to integrate them both into the same marketing strategies.

Facebook Ads Marlow

Facebook has its own advertising system, too, one that we can take advantage of to target a local community or specific kinds of groups that do not exist outside of social media.

Our marketing services are broad, but we can narrow down the focus to certain types of subcultures, hobby groups, or even particular locations through Facebook’s advertising options.

Email Marketing Services Marlow

While not technically paid, email marketing allows a lot of potential customers (or existing customers, if you are re-marketing) to get a message at the same time, one that can easily hook them in for another purchase or a deeper dive into your line of products.

This kind of marketing is great for getting existing customers to consider buying more products and is something that we have experience in.

If a client wants it as part of their digital marketing strategy, then Dash Digital can provide it with ease.

Social Media Channels

Social media is more than just a form of digital PR and customer service. You can engage with customers in a way that other platforms do not allow, get an in-depth understanding of what they want, and target them in very personal, effective ways.

Our digital marketing services include all kinds of social media management and marketing options, all of which can be tailored to fit a particular client or company’s needs and requirements.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing relies on interactions between the business and the customer, with them intentionally following or subscribing to your spots. This can make it a powerful – but ever-changing – type of online marketing to consider.

As a digital marketing agency, we are able to help you create excellent online marketing content that can arrive in front of potential customers just as they are considering their options.

We can also help to promote new products or services in a way that will get them noticed online.

Promoted Posts

A lot of these platforms allow certain posts to be promoted, opening up more options for advertising on a platform that is mostly meant for updates and entertainment.

Through this, it becomes a lot easier for a business to try and reach outside of its original target audience, putting content much further out.

If this is something that a business owner wants to try, then we can easily provide it, along with well-written content that complements the advertised posts themselves.

Event Marketing

If your business has any upcoming events that might be important for marketing purposes, like booths at conventions or major in-store celebrations, proper event advertising on social media platforms can serve as an even more powerful kind of content marketing.

Our account managers and content marketing experts are able to take your events and turn them into marketable online posts, ones that will draw attention and potentially even spread outside of your own existing customer base. This also works as a form of email marketing.

A Dedicated Account Manager

If you are having trouble with your social media presence or advertising and do not know what kind of content to create, you can always talk with us to tell us what your problems are.

In extreme cases, we might be able to provide a level of management that other marketing agencies will not.

While this is very bespoke work, it is also something that can help get your social media back on track if you have made multiple major mistakes. This can also be useful if you are unable to grow your account or brand but do not understand why.

Customer and Revenue Growth

All online marketing agencies come back to one major focus – money. Digital marketing agencies are there to help your company grow, and through good online marketing, company revenue can easily rise in both the short-term and the long term.

Unlike many digital marketing companies, we know that long-term growth is often a healthy option for smaller businesses, but we also understand that short-term growth can help just as well.

Data-Driven Marketing

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we are able to focus heavily on chasing leads or marketing techniques that draw in the best results.

Unlike a lot of digital marketing agencies, we also understand that you can’t just chase those leads constantly and can’t always rely on them to work.

Our marketing agency makes sure that your business gets a mixture of everything that works best, rather than simply rushing straight for the most obvious techniques and missing some hidden gems: from website design to major financial services.

Inbound Marketing In Marlow

Inbound marketing can sometimes be considered “free” marketing, although that is not really the case. It covers anything that happens organically – searches, people stumbling onto your site from others that have linked to it, and other things like that.

While it can seem hard to use this kind of marketing effectively, many top digital marketing agencies – including ourselves – have figured out ways to turn a natural visitor into a paying customer, often by turning their natural arrival into a recurring method of drawing in new users.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion (sale) optimisation is the process of maximising how many visitors end up converting: signing up, purchasing something, or doing any other action that has value.

Many digital marketing companies forget that a simple tweak can bring in countless new visitors and potential customers.

Our digital marketing and SEO services contain a lot of conversion-focused work: we try inbound marketing strategies, and then refine them to see how many extra customers we can squeeze into the same marketing funnel. Even a 5% increase can mean a major influx of new revenue to work with.

At Dash Digital, we can assist you with the best choices available. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great digital marketing services.

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Do I Really Need a Digital Marketing Company?

Digital marketing is not easy, especially not by yourself.

Whether you are a law firm or a company of IT service providers, there will always be more people to market to and new avenues to use in your marketing campaigns.

Having an experienced team by your side will help your company thrive in the world of digital marketing.

How Important Is It To Know Your Target Audience?

Knowing your target audience is important however if your business does not know who its target audience is, it is not a problem

A content marketing agency like ours can be the best way to get started since we will guide you every step of the way. 


If you are interested in getting any kind of online marketing, feel free to get in contact – we can offer a huge range of different options for businesses of any size in Marlow and Buckinghamshire, from the smallest startup to something much, much larger. No matter the scale, the marketing is just the same.

It might help to get yourself prepared, of course. Take some time to:

Consider Your Options

Do you know what kind of target audience you want to go for? If you work with a digital agency like Dash Digital, it helps to be aware of your main goals, no matter how vague they are.

If you know what kind of growth you want for your business, then we can get started on making it happen straight

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Make sure you contact us today for a number of great digital marketing services in South East.

Here are some towns we cover near Marlow.

High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Chalfont St Peter
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What Others Say About Our Services

We absolutely love the service provided. Their approach is really friendly but professional. We went out to five different companies and found Dash Digital to be value for money and their service was by far the best. Thank you for your really awesome work, we will definitely be returning!

Marco Arnold

We have used Dash Digital for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

Patrick Moss

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